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The Inspiration by Colors Experience/ Physical Interactive

Protecto paints offers more than 6000 colors. The brand stands for inspiration and innovation, which they wanted to bring into the local TedX event and contribute spreading ideas and inspiration.

The idea/ To be the vehicle for inspiration, spreading ideas from TedX visitors in physical and virtual. Creating an interactive colorful fun installation powered by real time info, showcasing the brand.

What was done/ Via twitter, a system was created to capture real time messages related to the event, categorized under subjects and trending topics by percentage. This provided the audience of information, trends, inspiration and networking. -And- to live the brand, the info was displayed in a structure made out of paint cans created by artist Francesco Bracci. As a circle graph, the stats were projected live over the structure. Also, the tweets and users could be seen onto additional screens.
Paint cans in front of the installation were also inputs where assistants could come and play, creating music and affecting the graph, changing its colors. Arduino and more electronics were implemented.
Lastly, during wait times the users were able to “paint” the auditorium and share a message via their smartphones: tweeting along #event and mentioning a color would automatically lead the ambient lights and display the message onto the main TedX screen.

Role/ Concept in co-creativity with TribuDDB. Interactive/Art Direction. Production.

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The Future Tennis Experience/ Interactive concept and Film

Solinco is an American tennis high-tech gear brand, relatively new in the Scandinavian market. The brand stands for innovation and performance.

The challenge/ Create an interactive irl experience to raise awareness of the brand. Build brand culture.
The solution/ Future Legends Experience: a challenge against yourself and a tournament with the best. Come to the court and try out the gear. Pick the racquets and strings that suit you best. Challenge yourself by testing your performance and get data from your play. Qualify and play the tournament. The experience takes place inside a state of the art court, where sensors, projectors and cameras have been installed. The winner of the tournament will be Solinco´s ambassador, sponsored by the brand. This journey will be followed through social media inspiring others and raising awareness. The players can keep their stats to update them and get coaching tips on their devces, maintaining a relationship with Solinco.

Role/ Concept, tournament identity, court interface design, production for film. Project management.
Credits/ Diana Zuleta, Dan Smith, Gustav Jerdlartz, Thom Tessier, James Chung.


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The Eco Experience/ Branding and Strategy

Medveten Konsumtion is a non-profit organization working to ensure that people find it easy to consume in a better way, through an online guide showcasing environmentally responsible options.
The challenge/ Reach a greater web audience. The start was re-thinking the giude and when/where it should be present. The service was re designed around the insight that people love to talk about “eco”. The strategy for social media: consistency and a clear message. We translated MK´s values into a core message that they could talk about and initiated conversations. The guide was also redesigned and made responsive for key purchase moments. *The real challenge was not being able to re design the logo.*
Why I love it/ Working around user behavior made it possible to come up with the right message and a good service.
Role/ Art Direction. Project leader, concept, strategy and message.
Team/ Diana Zuleta, Tobias Snäll, Lise S. Larsen, Calle Lancken, Dimas Wibisono.


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The Music-on-Wheels Experience/ Outdoor Interactive

Festival Imperial is the biggest music festival in Costa Rica.

The challenge/ Raise awareness and sales. Create such an epic experience that by the end, people would buy tickets

The solution/ An interactive museum on the go, showcasing the history and news about the Festival. Photos of past events, a projected mapped model of the venue, information of the invited artists and a social photobooth experience lived and rolled inside of a trailer truck. Designed from scratch- check out the “before” pictures! Analogue met digital in a combination of touch screens, large projections, lights, prints and old school tv´s.

Why I love it/ Massive + moving installation. Biggest challenge so far. And in a trailer truck!

Role/ Concept and Art Direction. Production leader.
Team/ Pulse Live Media
Comissioned/ Agencia Contenido

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The 6000 Colors Experience/ Outdoor Interactive

Protecto paints wanted their stores to show that they offer 6000 colors, twice as many as their nearest competitor.

What was done/ Inspired by the 6000colors website, which captured people´s tweets that mentioned colors, the storefronts of Protecto became huge screens. Reading tweets in real time, when a color was mentioned the storefront would be painted to match it.

Why I love it/ It was up to the fans to make this installation a hit, and it happenned!

Role/ Concept. Installation design.
Comissioned and teamed with TribuDDB in Costa Rica
Winner of gold at Ojo de Iberoamérica
Shortlist at Cannes Lions Outdoor Digital

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The Photobooth Experience/ Side Project Fun

The Digital Photobooth was created for self promotion and later sold to brands.

The idea/ Creating a fun experience to bring online traffic. On 2009, we wanted to build a booth where people could their pictures in an innovative way. Old school design met tech with a camera powered by proximity sensors and arduino. The photo was triggered by just waving to the camera: smile and share online.
Why I love it/ The booth was placed at an industry event and got a lot of attention. Since then, it has been used by many big brand names and organizations.Fun made business. Whoop! I am currently working on the next step for an interactive photobooth experience.

Role/ Concept and Installation Design.
Team/ Pulse Live Media