My labor of love.

About ten years ago, I turned my life around to become a designer. Little did I know this would be a life changing decision! It got me the two loves of my life: art and Nicolás -my husband and partner. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design, I co-founded Pulse, imagining a concept of design where technology could serve communication through tangible experiences.

A lot has happened since then. Pulse has continued to evolve from a team of 2 to today’s fantastic multi-discipline team of 11 that I get to lead. My role is to manage our business, work hands on idea generation, oversee art and experience direction and take care of team happiness, culture and vision.
We are fortunate to work with amazing clients and causes, as well as to collaborate with artists, musicians, producers, agencies and government.

Visit pulse.works and get to know our work. A work out of our hearts, done with passion at every step. Our aim is to use technology in clever ways to communicate through emotion.

Magical Trees

I am a Board Member at Magical Trees Foundation. And a true believer that in nature, and in trees, lies magic that can connect us to the world and to ourselves.

As a Foundation volunteer, I work closely with founder Giancarlo Pucci, with whom I co create design and marketing communication strategies. Recently, we developed together ´Ojeadores´, an app tool for identifying and learning about tree species, while teaching about self actualization, contemplation and slowing down.

Know more! Visit arbolesmagicos.org

The Hyper Island chapter

During 2012, I moved to Sweden to attend Hyper Island, a digital-focused school and life changing experience where my views on teamwork and innovation were profoundly changed. I graduated from the Interactive Art Director program in 2013. Met industry leaders, the most talented peers, and worked for brands big and small, from the IRC to Nike.
Enough can´t be said about the Hyper Island experience. Reach out if curious!

Kids Hack Day Costa Rica

Kids Hack Day is a 1-day event where children and adults come together to “hack” and make new uses of every day items. They will create, for example, instruments out of bananas, games out of cardboard and conductive ink, and tinker with gadgets and electronics. In a world that’s changing at an exponential pace, never has cross-generational learning been as important as it is today. If we don’t understand the technology that builds our world, how will we ever be able to feel engaged in it?

I am the proud organizer of KHD Costa Rica. We aim to revolutionize how we immerse children in emerging technologies and revolutionize education, one hack day at a time. Visit and join kidshackday.com