Photography and design run deep into my heart. I am blending my collection of photos and designs from different times on this tumblr. Come by!


Inspiration is everywhere! I collect some of it on my tumblr, Borrowed Inspiration.

This image came from here.

#dogsoftbana is a project I had during 12-13. I became fascinated by dogs that ride the subway in Stockholm, specially since dogs are not allowed in public transportation at my native CR. So I started collecting #dogsoftbana via Instagram. Visit the tumblr here.

NY Polaroids is a collection of the beloved city during the summer of 2008 with my Polaroid600. Its a little testament of my love for NY and how I see it. See the collection here.

Work in progress! Learning swedish by drawing it, is my latest attempt to the language.
iPhone photos are taken from pencil illustrations on a sketchbook, then colored in Adobe Ideas with my finger or my wacom Pen.

I have maany to upload, soon!